Pampaleone Glamping Sicilia - Val di Noto

Val di Noto

The cities of Val di Noto are a UNESCO World Heritage Site: a real gem of Baroque art and architecture in Sicily!

The late baroque cities of Val di Noto (south-eastern Sicily), which in 2002 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are a real gem that testify to the culmination of Baroque art and architecture, a must for any trip to Sicily!

There are eight cities that are part of the site: the historic centres of Ragusa, Noto and Caltagirone, some urban areas of Catania and Scicli and some monuments of Militello Val di Catania, Modica and Palazzolo Acreide. The complex of these cities takes its name from the ancient administrative center (in Arabic waal or wali) that had its base in Noto during the Emirate of Sicily, hence the name Val or Vallo di Noto.

The Val di Noto was devastated by the earthquake of 1693 and the reconstruction of its cities was coordinated to create real urban works of art, each with streets that weave plots in a unique style, sumptuous palaces and elegant churches with beautiful facades.
Despite the Baroque style of all of these centers, the materials used for reconstruction are different because of their local origin and reflect the variety of geology in the region. Therefore we find gray-dark buildings in Catania for the presence of lava stone and bright honey-colored buildings in Noto as the stone of the area.

To reach this fascinating area via car from the Pampaleone Glamping & Resort, you must take the E45 motorway from the Acireale motorway exit and head towards Catania. Catania can be reached in just 40 minutes (here to get to know it better), while for other destinations you have to continue traveling to the south; Scicli, overlooking the Channel of Sicily, is the most distant of these cities, 2 hours and 10 minutes by car.