Pampaleone Glamping Sicilia - vulcano Etna

Mount Etna

Europe’s most impressive volcano provides water and fertile soil, and is home to incredible plant and animal diversity.

The largest volcano in Europe, among the best studied and monitored, with an ancient culture of great historical relevance: from the moment you approach the Strait of Messina to reach Sicily or the moment when your plane will start the landing manoeuvres, it will always be there to watch over you; indeed, you will often find yourself looking for its presence.
You may wonder what its profile looks like from your perspective, if you will see a plume of smoke and when evening comes, if there are lava fountains or tongues of fire that sparkle bright in the night.

A Muntagna or Mungibeddu is the key that you will need to fully understand Eastern Sicily. It is a source of wealth because it gives us an abundance of water and fertile land, it therefore gives us rich and varied harvests and creates a cool microclimate even during the hottest summers. It is home to incredible plant and animal diversity.
However, just as it gives us gifts it takes them away: many times our ancestors had to rise from the ashes of destruction to reinvent themselves and rebuild in the latest artistic and architectural trend. Etna is therefore central to the folklore of the region: revered, admired and feared, it is strongly personified by the locals. Finally, its frequent activity (it is after all one of the most active volcanoes on the globe) has shaped the geography of the region in unique and often unexpected ways (see for example the Alcantara Gorges!).

Numerous paths will lead you to admire woods with monumental trees, lava flows, caves, old craters and many valleys. The Pampaleone Glamping & Resort is an ideal base to explore its slopes: south from the historic Rifugio Sapienza, where you can enjoy the view of the Gulf of Catania and the valley of the Simeto river; east, from Rifugio Citelli, to reach the Cave of Serracozzo and the lunar Valle del Bove; and to the north, from Piano Provenzana, from which to admire a panorama that ranges from Taormina to the Calabrian coast.

Ask the reception what itineraries to follow according to your needs and we are sure we can find the solution that best suits your needs!