Pampaleone Glamping Sicilia - Aci Castello e Aci Trezza

Aci Castello and Aci Trezza

Just half an hour’s drive from the Pampaleone is the town of Aci Castello, with its characteristic Norman castle and the village of Aci Trezza.

Sicily is certainly known for its seaside villages. Between Acireale and Catania, along the SS 114 Orientale Sicula in the direction of Catania, just half an hour’s drive from the Pampaleone, you will find Aci Castello and its characteristic village of Aci Trezza.

Aci Castello is so called because of the Norman castle that stands on a promontory of lava rock overlooking the sea. Although the present structure was built by the Normans in the twelfth century, archaeologists have uncovered evidence of a more ancient fortification that stood in the same area. It seems indeed that the area was one of the last bulwarks of Byzantine resistance against the 9th century Arab invasion. Nowadays u Casteddu di Jaci is certainly an impressive historical monument, to admire while enjoying an excellent granita before heading to the nearby village of Aci Trezza.

Walking through Aci Trezza means letting yourself be enveloped by the myths and history that have permeated this place for thousands of years. This fishing village is the heart of the Riviera dei Ciclopi, named after the archipelago of small islands in front of the harbour.
According to tradition, these islands, called faraglioni, were thrown by the angry cyclop Polyphemus in an attempt to block the ships of Odysseus, who was trying to escape Sicily. Nowadays i faraglioni are the centre of a nature reserve where you can admire the biodiverse and pristine backdrops of lava rock through the crystal clear water.

However, Aci Trezza is certainly more famous thanks to I Malavoglia by Giovanni Verga and the film La Terra Trema by Luchino Visconti inspired by Verga’s masterpiece.
Whether you are a literature lover or simply curious why not head to the museum of the Casa del Nespolo? This 19th century cottage is where the characters of the novel lived according to the locals.

From the pristine sea to the seafood restaurants, from the characteristic kiosks to the evening walks along the promenade to its small museums, the Riviera dei Ciclopi offers something for everyone.