Pampaleone Glamping Sicilia - Acireale


Acireale has ancient origins dating back to the Greek colonization of the island, with the Roman baths of sulphurous water, the Cathedral, two basilicas and a town hall.

The town of Acireale, just 20 minutes away by car from the Pampaleone, has ancient origins dating back to the Greek colonization of the island. The area has planty of water springs that have always invited the human population to settle in the region. Of particular importance were the Roman baths of sulphurous water of Santa Venera al Pozzo, in use until at least the ninth century and whose ruins can now be visited in the archaeological area that takes its name.

The water comes from Mt Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, and comes out of the ground in its many springs thanks to the Timpa, a natural terrace of volcanic origins overlooking the Ionian Sea. From the Piazza Belvedere of Acireale you can enjoy the breathtaking view offered by the Timpa. The Pampaleone Glamping & Resort is also perched on this natural terrace and from the swimming pool area you can admire the cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea. Some areas of the Timpa are now protected by a Natural Park created to safeguard the rich Mediterranean vegetation. From the town you can walk through the reserve to reach the seaside village of Santa Maria La Scala, where you can take a dip in the sea and have lunch in one of the many restaurants serving the catch of the day. For those who are not used to hiking, however, be mindful that the uphill hike can be tiresome.

If the sea is not for you, from Piazza Belvedere you can decide to walk Corso Umberto to the Cathedral. Although Acireale has ancient origins, the city has been destroyed several times by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the last time in 1693. The town was then rebuilt in the magnificent Baroque style and today is one of its the best preserved examples in Sicily: the Cathedral of Maria Santissima Annunziata, the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, the Town Hall and especially the Basilica of San Sebastiano are a must-see!